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Our Interview in The Startup Van

Our Interview in The Startup Van

by JSquared

Two of the coolest people we had the pleasure of meeting at Web Summit were Mark McDonagh and Graham Hussey of the Startup Van. Not only do they get do drive around in a cool vintage 1970s VW Van, but they get a front row (in the back seat, no less!) view of what’s working for startups around the world these days.

We had a blast chatting in the Startup Van. Watch the videos and you’ll see why. Mark and Graham’s informal interview style and sense of fun is central to every interview. So you not only learn what’s really happening in the startup world, enjoy a few laughs too. And that’s important, because for all the hard work we entrepreneurs put into our ventures, it would suck if there was no laughter along the way.

Thanks gents! We hope to catch up to you again soon!

Be sure to check out the Startup Van’s full library of interviews on their youtube channel. You’ll be glad you did!

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